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SMS Services

Directly connect to your Customers. With 100% of your customer using mobile phone, 93% of them will read the SMS they received.

SMS service is the integrated IT and Telecommunications solution which brings you a efficient customer support channel.

Our services are low cost, high quality, easy to use and integrated.

Types of communications: One way Brand-name SMS | Bi-directional SMS | Low cost fixed number SMS.


Allows suppliers and consumers process the product warranty anywhere and anytime.

E-warranty is the online service which replaces the traditional warranty cards or documents.

Consumers can activate their warranties by sending SMS, scanning QR code, filling the web form or using mobile application. E-warranty will send confirmation SMS to consumers' mobile phone and consumers also can query the warranty information on website of supplier.

Software solutions

* Develop and hand over packaged software solution according to customer's requirements on Web, Mobile or SaaS.

* Software outsourcing and data integration, optimization.

System integration and Cloud

* Consulting, designing, equipment supplying, deploying, operating and maintenance.

* System integration for high end IT infrastructure: Unix servers, Storage, Network and Security

* VPS and Cloud services for lease



Software projects and services already deployed

Partner for providing IT and Telecommunications Services

ViInfo is the SMS Service provider which support connecting to 6 Mobile telcos in Vietnam and some other countries in the region. We're now serving 20 millions of mobile subscribers and hundreds of domestic and international brands.

ViInfo is providing label and e-warranty service for companies based on Cloud computing; hosting and virtual server with highest security and stability

ViInfo deploys 2 Cloud systems in FPT and Viettel data center with Active/Active model to guarantee 99.99% uptime and 1:1 fail-over.

0 years of experience in software development and IT services

About us

Our team

Out founders and top managers all have more than 10 years of experience in the fields of System software, VAS and telecommunication service business.

Thắng Nguyễn

Chief Executive Officer

Chung Thạc

Chief Sales Officer

Thanh Tùng

Chief Technology Officer

Lê Hùng

Chief Financial Officer


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